Palauh Girl And Her Grandfather


Palauh Girl And Her Grandfather - time to head back home after finish catching fish.

This is a photo of young Palauh (also called Sea Gypsy, sea Bajau or Bajau Laut in Malay) girl with her grandfather on the boat on their way to place they live.

Most Sea Gypsy make a living by catching fish and other seafood and then selling it to public at the market or to the resort nearby. Sea, boat and fish is their life. They not do anything else.

You will see scene like this if you stay at resort near Mabul island or at Kapalai resort. Photo by terencelimtl


Beautiful View At Sipadan Mabul Resort Jetty


Beautiful view at Sipadan Mabul Resort - What you see here in this picture is the entrance jetty to Sipadan Mabul Resort located at Mabul island, Semporna.

To go to Sipadan Mabul resort, you will need to take a boat ride from Semporna town center (malay: Pekan Semporna) to Mabul island.

The journey will take about 30 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the weather and speed.

The best thing about spending holiday at Mabul island is it's beautiful view, crystal clear clean sea water (you can see clearly up to 5 meters to the bottom on day time) and plenty of turtles also other exotic macro underwater creatures for scuba diving enthusiasts.

The world's first ever oil rig converted into PADI dive center is also located near Mabul island, it is about 700 meters from the island's ground to be exact.

Travel to Mabul island and Sipadan Mabul Resort in 2018 and beyond is always safe, thanks to the strong enforcement by Malaysian Royal Police around the island, patrolling the area 20 hours a day especially at night. Photo by aku_dwan


Spending The Day At Mataking Beach


Spending The Day At Mataking Beach - see the beauty of Mataking island beach from these pictures, taken near Mataking island resort.

It's like enjoying vacation at your own private island because not so many people around here.

Mataking is lesser known location compared to Mabul, Sipadan and Kapalai but you still can enjoy a really breathtaking view especially at evening time during sunset.

Click or tap on the photo for larger view. Photos by eanjoseph





Sun Kissed At Mabul


Sun Kissed At Mabul - the moment when the sun shines its light to you at your own personal moment, in a place where no one will gonna disturb you.

Photo by alice_inwonderland58




Amazing View At Bukit Tengkorak

Amazing View At Bukit Tengkorak - Bukit Tengkorak also called as 'skull hill'. This place becomes an archaeological site and the first ever at Semporna.

Bukit Tengkorak is located at Jalan Tampi-Tampi, about 10 km south of Semporna town.

It is on a hill about 600 feet above sea level.

Many tourists from other places will miss out this amazing spot.

You can enjoy amazing view at the top peak like you see in the pictures. All images by keithwk1601

Tanjung Parapat


The beautiful view at Tanjung Parapat, Semporna - This place is about 20-30 minutes drive from Semporna town center.

Tanjung Parapat is actually a small muslims village with shallow sea area. All of them are Bajau people.

The bottom of the sea near the land at Tanjung Parapat is sandy and flat.

No reef and corals. Just sand and stones.

The fisherman build this long jetty so they can park their boat in deeper water which is about hundred meters from the land.

Most people come here to enjoy the beautiful view during weekend with their friends and family members.

No cafe or restaurants and no hotel or other good accommodation nearby, most tour guides not bring tourist here.

Most people who came here are locals.

The view is so mesmerizing and so refreshing especially in early morning and in evening during sunset. Photo by Zuliani Mansur.



See You Again


Nothing More Beautiful Than This - an evening view at Mabul island resort. Saying "see you again next time" to the sea. Hard to say goodbye. Photo by shenshenxixi