Nusakaya Resort Semporna Sabah (32 Photos)

Nusakaya Resort Semporna Sabah is a beautiful floating resort, homestay and holiday destination located near Bum Bum island, about 15-20 minutes boat ride from small town of Semporna. This beautiful place is really similar to Maldives. We got 32 photos in this post - we recommend you to press, click or tap any photos to see larger view.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, this might just be your ideal location as you experience living on a floating resort, in the middle of the ocean! 

Some called Nusakuya Resort as Maldives of the East Malaysia, as Nusakuya Resort located in eastern coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Refer to Google Maps link below to see Nusakuya Resort's location for yourself..

Nusakuya Resort Google Maps:

Is Nusakuya Resort really safe for you to enjoy your holidays in Semporna, Sabah Malaysian Borneo? Yes its is. Police enforment officers patrolling the area at night. No resort guests and visitors allowed to go out from Nusakaya Resort area by boat at night starting from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM on next morning in Malaysian time. No big ships cruising around due to it's shallow area.

Staying experience in Nusakuya Resort is so beautiful - many people claim view around Nusakuya Resort is very similar to holiday in Maldives, according to social media reviews written by previous visitors. One day will not be enough.

Sea area near Nusakuya Resort, Semporna, has no big waves, quite shallow and has long streching shallow sea bottom nearly for about 50 kilomters. Sea water near Nusakuya Resort is so clearn and so clear. No villages near the area and you can make sure the cleanliness of sea water here.

You can swim directly from your resort room when staying in Nusakuya Resort. There is no big rock in sea bottom in Nusakuya Resort area and no sea urchins too - so your swimming experience will be totally safe. Majority of rooms in Nusakuya Resort has their own private jetty just outside the room - you can enjoy swimming in crystal clear blue sea in sunrise time, as early as 6:00 AM.

How about Nusakuya Resort resort booking price? What is the easiest way to book a room in Nusakuya Resort? 

We talked to Nusakuya Resort staff - for now they did not have official listing in Agoda or or Air BnB for you anybody to do booking online. They only allow you to book via their Facebook Page or, booking by phone call +60142244513.

They only use mobile phone number becase Nusakuya Resort is a floating resort in the middle of the oceand there is no way for a fixed line phone to reach it's location. Nusakauya Resort use WhatsApp to process their incoming booking and enquiries about latest resort room price.

Nusakuya Resort contact details for you to reach them..

  • Nusakuya Resort Email: nusakuyaresort @ gmail .com
  • Instagram: @NusakuyaResort - seems like their Instagram DM is slow - they do accept Instagram Direct Message or 'DM' but did not reply promptly).
  • Whatsapp: (click, tap or press on this link and WhatsApp chat to Nusakuya Resort will automatically open up in your WhatsApp chats). This is the best way to contact Nusakuya Resort for booking or to ask about price.
  • Facebook: - they did not receive any incoming booking via Facebook. If you press the "Book Now" button on their Facebook Page it will bring you to WhatsApp chat as mentioned above.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy.. 

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Currently no Nusakuya Resort blog available on the internet- they also dont have official blog or official website yet to process booking also to publish latest news so you can use Go Semporna blog as source of information about Nusakuya Resort.


  1. Tempat yang cantik dan menarik utk dikunjunhi. Dah masuk bucket list utk dilawati.


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