Kapalai Dive Resort From Above


Kapalai Dive Resort From Above - this is the place to go to for an idyllic ocean holiday.

Built on stilts over a sandbank, the Sipadan Kapalai Resort is a unique water village which gives you the thrilling experience of watching reef fish swimming underneath your water chalets during your leisure time.

This environmentally friendly resort stands alone on the mile long sand bank of the Ligitan Reefs located in the Sulu Sea.

Your days will be filled with sun tanning on the beach or your private balcony, and marvelling at the world class dive sites around Kapalai and Mabul, as well as day trips to Sipadan Island with its outstanding wall dives.

Each trip ends with great food and freshly cooked snacks after diving. Shore diving at Kapalai is free of charge, as is the wonderful snorkelling. Photo by orangutan2009 

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