No Electricity, No WiFi, Only Sea


No Electricity, No WiFi, Only The Sea - this is the photo of sea gypsy village.

The sea gypsy village also called as Bajau Laut or Palauh.

Those 'huts' are their home, built from wood and use dried and knitted coconut tree leaf as the roof.

Their house are fully handmade.

As you can see, they got no electricity, no wifi, no internet and they don't even know about the existence of smartphone, Google and iPhone.

All they know is to catch fish in the morning, bring it to the market to sell it to public people and when they got the money from what they sell, they will buy some necessities (such as rice, other sea food and other things they need) and then come back to their home in evening.

For the kids, the sea is their playground and the small boat is their toys. They love to play in sea water, underwater and at the beach. They don't have any kind of modern toys just like other kids you know today.

Even though we are highly modern today, there are some part of Malaysia that are still untouch by the technology and by the civilization, like the one you see in this picture.

But, that is what make this scenery beautiful.

Just like the sea - just like our nature.

Still untouched. Let it be as it is.



all photos by jimmyhainstag


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