Saw Shark At Sipadan


Saw a grey shark while scuba diving at Sipadan island - What you saw in the picture above is real.

Sipadan is home to sharks and when a shark saw you diving nearby, it tends to ran away.

Most sharks at Sipadan tends to avoid scuba divers.

Sipadan island is heaven for scuba divers who come to Semporna for their personal travel journey.

Some wanna know what's waiting for them in Sipadan underwater and some just wanna explore new experience diving in a new exotic, world class environment at Sipadan island.

Seeing wild shark like this underwater will scare you at first sight especially when you are newly certified open water diver and has recorded less then 20 dives in your log book.

Scuba diving at Sipadan island will give whole lot of pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction.

You can even dive in the middle of big group of fish!

There are 12 popular dive sites around Sipadan island.

Here are the names of dive sites at Sipadan island:

  • Sount Point
  • Turtle Patch
  • Mid Reef
  • White-tip Avenue
  • Coral Garden
  • Barracuda Point
  • Turtle Cave
  • Drop-Off
  • West Ridge
  • Hanging Garden
  • Lobster Lair
  • Staghorn Crest

You can see more photos of Sipadan scuba diving below. All photos are by rossie.yu






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