Calm Scenery At Tanjung Parapat

Green Scenery At Tanjung Parapat - Tanjung Parapat is the new attraction at Semporna.

Originally known as a small village at Pokas near Pakalangan, about 20 minutes from town Semporna, this place becomes popular when so many people photos of this place in their social media accounts.

The main attraction of Tanjung Parapat is it's long wooden jetty starting from the village until about 100 or 150 meter long to the shallow sea water.

 The jetty used originally by fisherman and as main jetty to Menampilik island located right in front.

This place is so calm and peaceful. No big waves. Sunset here is so beautiful too. Entrance is free and there is no admission fee to enter this place.

And at the back of the scenery is big hills - some planted with palm oil tree, coco tree and some still retain it's original forest. Photo by mohd_asyraf_khan


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