Tehek Tehek And Kima


Sea Bajau Food - what you see on this picture is the food of sea Bajau, taken from the sea.

The black round thing called as Tehek Tehek.

Bajau people at Semporna clean up the outer side of Tehek Tehek and then they will put rice into it. After that, they will cook it.

So the rice will be cooked inside Tehek Tehek.

It is their traditional way of cooking rice.

The taste is good too.

What you see in the yellow open dish in the left side of this picture is called Kima. It is a raw seafood and local favorite of sea Bajau.

This is the uniqueness of Semporna.

This is why most sea gypsy and sea Bajau people are very healthy because they eat raw seafood cooked with steam.

They will not eat fried food or canned food.

Photo by usha.nandini


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